Invest in Your Success Today: The Business Benefits of a Digital Assessment

Digital marketing can be complicated with the variety of tools and platforms expanding every day, customer expectations evolving constantly, and the need to go-to-market strategically accelerating. It’s important to know how your digital presence stacks up and that your marketing posture has a revolving shelf life.

Gaps in your go-to-market strategy and what your collateral says (and doesn’t say) about you can result in missed opportunities and a lack of customer engagement. But how can you know what’s missing or what can be improved?

An in-depth digital assessment is critical in helping you understand where you stand in the market and how your digital presence can be strengthened. An assessment enables you to clearly define your current digital marketing posture and determine next steps to make improvements that optimize your company’s opportunity to attract net new customers, provide existing customers with an exceptional and informative experience, and convert that traffic into more profitable wins.

What is a digital assessment?

A digital assessment analyzes your company’s marketing assets and activities to determine what’s working in your favor, what could be improved upon, and what could actually be hurting your business, including critical gaps in your strategy. Knowing where you are now and where you can improve is vital to discerning the right next steps to achieve future outcomes

The process is pretty simple. A thorough analysis is conducted by a team of marketing professionals, including designers, copywriters, user experience (UX) specialists, web, search engine and social media experts, and marketing strategists. Each provides areas for improvement, recommendations on how best to make those improvements, and how to prioritize your next steps to help you generate the greatest return.

What should be included in a digital assessment?

When it comes to what should be included in a digital assessment, you want to leverage an agency that has a variety of offerings and looks at the big picture.

These are the 3 categories you want to have assessed.

  • Market position – Market maturity, use of integrated marketing, competitive analysis, and brand consistency.
  • Content readiness – Variety of assets, available topics, and your cadence in generating new material.
  • Digital presence – Website health, mobile readiness, social media presence, keywords, and searchability.

Holistic Approach

IMS360’s Digital Assessment takes a holistic approach encompassing all 3 categories to provide you with complete visibility into your marketing posture.

5 business benefits of a Digital Assessment

More than just gaining a clear understanding of the gaps in your marketing infrastructure, marketing assets, and getting recommendations on how to fix them, conducting a digital assessment also enables you to:

  1. Align your marketing strategy with your business and sales strategy to ensure you’re all delivering the same message and speaking to the right audience.
  2. Learn more about how you stack up to your competition and what you can do to get ahead and widen the distance to stand out.
  3. Develop a roadmap and action plan to get from where you are to where you want to be, achieving your marketing and sales goals.
  4. Gain a better understanding of the marketing landscape to effectively navigate your efforts toward those who want to connect with your business.
  5. Be able to prove your campaigns are working and demonstrate a clear return on your marketing investment..

Simple and informative

IMS360’s Digital Assessment is non-disruptive, easy to understand, and full of the insights you need to move your business forward.

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