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With our roots in IT industry marketing, IMS360 is a full-service marketing and content creation agency delivering end-to-end marketing, creative, and website services for technology providers of all sizes. Which isn’t always easy in the complex technology environment. But our team of marketing and creative professionals—with decades of combined experience—aren’t ready to stop there.

Though we’re IT focused, we’re no longer IT only. We’ve decided to open up our services to provide all industries the opportunity to elevate their creative marketing. We’re also looking to create content that goes beyond what’s on our line card, so if you have a vision in mind, tell us about it. There’s really no end to what we can do for you.

Our Mission

IMS360’s mission is to empower our clients’ content and marketing journey, guiding them in developing an outcome-focused strategy, effectively utilizing all aspects of their budget, and delivering compelling and engaging resources that elevate them among competitors and position them as industry leaders. 

Meet the Team

Jessica Morelli

// Jessica Morelli

Director of Agency Services

Kelly Caiazza

// Kelly Caiazza

Senior Graphic Designer & Marketing Manager

Sam Taschler

// Sam Taschler

Senior Video Animator & Marketing Specialist

Elvin Padilla

// Elvin Padilla

Video Animation & Marketing Specialist

Mikhail Vainblat

// Mikhail Vainblat

Graphic & Web Design Specialist

Christian Damiano

// Christian Damiano

Video Animation & Marketing Specialist

// Carlos Feijoo

Inside Account Manager

Patricia Ross

// Patricia Ross


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