Grow Your Business Exponentially with a Fresh New Look

How our rebrand secured 48% of our annual ROI in just 3 months

Has your business changed over the past 5-7 years? Of course, it has. You’ve grown in size, status, and customers. You’ve introduced new services and products, and your workforce has probably changed a little too; number of staff, roles, where people work, and how they do their jobs. Your business goals may have transformed as you learned more about who you are as a company and who you want to be to your customers and partners. Or maybe nothing’s changed and you’re wondering why your business hasn’t grown and why your customer base, though loyal, hasn’t expanded.

Has your brand evolved over the past 5-7 years? If you’re like a lot of companies, including IMS360, probably not too much. It’s common for a company to come up with branding that’s good enough to get by in the short term with a promise that “we’ll revisit it later.” Yet as other business priorities take precedence, branding is soon forgotten.

The Business Benefits of Rebranding

The problem is that if you aren’t standing out in the crowded marketplace, you’ll get lost in the noise. Outdated marketing strategies, inconsistent branding, or a lack of cohesive messaging, impedes your ability to attract and engage customers which in turn hinders your opportunity to sell more products and services. Brand identity, and the user experience it provides, greatly impact the way your customers and prospects gather information that empowers their decision-making to partner with and purchase from your company.

What is a rebrand? 

Rebranding is not as scary as you may think. It’s putting the best version of your company’s face out for everyone to see. Think of it as optimizing your customer experiences, making it easier for them to relate to your brand and also excited to evangelize your brand. A rebrand can include anything from changing your name, logo, and colors to creating a new mission statement or changing the tone of voice of your messaging.

Why IMS360 Rebranded

Focused on serving other brands and helping them tell their story, we didn’t give our own branding much thought, until we looked at how much we’d grown and evolved. We increased our creative and marketing knowledge and expanded our capabilities to better position ourselves for new opportunities, both with our core technology partners and to support other clients who undoubtedly have similar needs. Our foundation as the go-to creative agency for IT solution providers was strong, but we’ve grown over the past several years and none of our branding reflected this growth.

While a lot has changed for our brand, there are a few key things we weren’t interested in changing. We’re still:

  • Focused 100% on supporting the IT industry — manufacturers, distributors, solutions providers, and VARs
  • Committed to our clients and the success of their creative content investment
  • Forward thinking and adaptable to ever-evolving changes in marketing dynamics
  • A team of highly trained and experienced professionals — copywriters, designers, animators, web specialists and more
  • Able to deliver the best turnaround times in the industry to ensure you’re able to go to market quickly


What has changed

We’re still the same reliable agency that our clients have come to love, just better. So, we made a few changes to show how we’re different and why that matters. We first had to look at who we were and what our mission was. Reflecting on our past revealed that our values and commitment to our clients has never wavered. But we have become even more. Our new mission statement focuses not only on custom content creation, but also on supporting the buyer’s journey. The two succinctly work together. Here’s our new mission statement:

IMS360’s mission is to empower our clients’ content and marketing journey, guiding them in developing an outcome-focused strategy, effectively utilizing all aspects of their budget, and delivering compelling and engaging resources that elevate them among competitors and position them as industry leaders.

We had outgrown our original logo design, but still wanted to incorporate the essence that we deliver integrated services for our clients. So, we replaced the 3 circles in our original logo with a 360-degree frame around our new, more modern design.

Our original branding colors, worked great for a while but as we grew into our own identity, we needed to modernize our colors to reflected who we are now—a full-service marketing and content creation agency delivering end-to-end marketing, creative, and website services to help IT businesses stand out and achieve their marketing goals.

We also modernized our brand imagery. We replaced our playful illustrations with more contemporary imagery that exemplifies our role as creative professionals. That doesn’t mean that we’ve shied away from adding playfulness and a touch of whimsy when it fits our clients’ own brand personality. Instead, it represents our skill and ability to make other companies stand out and be noticed. 

We put all of these together in the spot where our clients often first engage with us, our website. With a look and message that clearly explains what we do for clients and how we do it, our website invites our target audience to take a look at what we’ve done for other companies, learn more about our offerings, and then reach out to schedule a discovery call. We provide them with everything they need along the buyer’s journey to help them feel confident in what we do and convert to becoming new partners.

We turned our engagement into wins, and you can too.

Now that you know our story, let us tell yours. We can help you stand out in the noise technology crowd, connect with more prospects looking for your services and solutions, convert them into loyal customers, and help you achieve your sales goals. You’ll still be the same company your current customers know and trust, but better than ever before.

Get started by scheduling a Discovery Call to tell us all about your business aspirations and we can design a rebranding plan that delivers. You can also take a few minutes to peruse our new website and Agency Offerings eBook to see what we’ve been up to and discover how we can elevate your marketing and your business.


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