Embrace the binge! How to help your partners keep their buyers’ attention

Embrace the binge! How to help your partners keep their buyers’ attention

Netflix has amplified binge behavior and made it mainstream; they use the latest AI technology which knows that I want to watch other Disney movies after I watched Moana, again. But most of us don’t have access to that kind of technology. So how can you help your partners create a binge experience for their audience?

They need 2 things: a lot of content, and a place to put it.

I was fortunate enough to attend a webinar hosted by @LeeOdden which focused on using content, SEO, and influence to “Be the Best Answer” for your customers. In this awesome session, Lee broke down what he calls a “power page” and this is something that any marketer who has access to managing their website can build.

1. Include keyword(s) in the title

This is going to increase your partners’ accessibility for search engines when it’s in the title tag in H1 format. It’s also the first thing any visitors to a power page are going to see, so partners need to be sure it’s a) answering visitors’ questions and b) directly related to any promotional messaging shared in emails or on social media. If buyers don’t see anything that resembles what they were promised, visitors are going to bounce.

2. Answer audience questions

Use customer centric, keyword optimized copy. The key here is to use language customers speak, not what we hope the search engines will find. Partners should provide answers to common audience questions: What is it? Why is it important? How does it work? Who should I trust? This will help your partners establish their expertise, differentiate themselves from other solution providers, and most importantly, keep the audience’s attention and encourage them to take the next step.

3. Provide additional resources

Optimize the audience experience by providing them with several resources of relevant content. The value of a power page is that all these resources are available in a single spot, so if one piece of content doesn’t resonate with a visitor, another one is easily accessible which may be better suited to their consumption style or the information they’re looking for. Additionally, each resource should have a brief keyword-optimized description to explain how it answers key buyer questions.

This is the opportunity for your partners to create multiple content formats: video, infographics, eBooks, solution overviews…the more the merrier! Some solutions may not require a full eBook or whitepaper. Or maybe there’s just a better way to convey some information, like via video. By providing multiple content formats, partners can cater to multiple buyer types and keep the attention of their target audience.

4. Include a form fill

Ultimately, the goal is to capture the contact information of your visitors. Partners can do this in a few ways: gate the “most valuable” piece of content, provide the option to schedule a meeting, or ask visitors to subscribe to a blog. If the content has been exciting and informative enough to them, end-users will be more willing to submit their information to get more. It’s up to your partners to continue creating and providing the content that will keep them informed, engaged, and happy about your communications.

What to expect

The goal of a power page is to capture and keep the attention of our target buyers with high-quality content. Web page analytics, as well as any additional mar-tech that measures content consumption, are important here to identify visitors and the evaluate the performance of the content. This will allow you and your partners to adjust the content as often as necessary if it’s not accelerating the sales cycle.

The agency that creates power page content makes all the difference. If you or your partners are not working with an agency that specializes in the IT industry, your content could fall flat. Here at IMS360, we understand the challenges of IT industry marketing and help our clients overcome them. In fact, our customers rate our level of IT industry knowledge as a 4.8 out of 5. In addition, 98% of new customers say they will absolutely work with us again after their initial project.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact IMS360 today to find out how we can help your partners power-up their marketing today!


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